Thursday, July 7, 2011

Been On Vacation - Catching Up Now

You know you have recycling on the brain when your neighbors mobile home goes on fire and all I can think of while watching the firefighters fight the blaze is it is such a shame that all those parts and pieces (ex. windows, doors, wood deck, ect.) are all gone. The mobile home had been empty for a long time and was in foreclosure so I guess the bank owned it. They are now left with just the metal at the bottom of the mobile home which has the wheels on it. Haven't heard yet what caused the fire, we had no lightning so not sure if it was set or maybe an animal ate the electrical line but what ever the reason it is now all gone. We have a number of homes which are empty in our area so just hoping this isn't something that is going to be happening often.

I have still been reading as much as I can (I have been away on vacation to my son's house where he still does not recycle! I kept telling them how long things stay in the landfill trying to get them to recycle...), I am reading "Sleeping Naked is Green" I had to inter-library loan that book so it cost me $2.00. I am thinking of copying her ideas of trying to make a small green change each day, as for the book so far I am getting the feel that she is doing this just for the book not that it is in her to make the changes (does that make any sense?) which I am not enjoying. I'll let you know more about it after I finish it.

I have been doing wonderfully on not eatting meat. It has been very simple for me so far. I did have a seafood sub at Subway. They said it is imitation seafood so I figured it was okay. My husband has been the biggest hurdle so far he wants his meat. I can hardly stand the smell of meat cooking now, it is sooooo gross smelling it's hard to cook it. I wish I was a better cook and could whip up some better vegetarian meals that maybe he would like - I gotta work on that.

I have also have been trying to rid my home of alot of the clutter. I love the way Bea from Zero Waste Home has such a peaceful home, nothing extra just calming. I tossed out both my love seat & recliner chair both were in horrible condition and were used only by all my dogs. The living room looks so much cleaner now, I hope to tackle the whole house!