Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freeze Yer Buns Challange 2011

I am joining in on the Freeze Yer Buns Challange 2011 over on the Crunchy Chicken Blog. Living down here in Florida you all might think winters are a breeze, but we have cold weather. It might be milder by up norths standards but being that we are not used to the cold weather it hits us hard. We have lived down here for 8 years and last year I think was the worst winter for cold temps yet. We have issues with our heating/air conditioning unit if we use it on a steady basis our electric bill runs sky high, We haven't been able to afford someone to look at it. We do have a fireplace in the livingroom which I hope to use a bit more this year to help take the chill off during the evening time.
I look forward to the challange of keeping our temp. in the house as low as I can : )

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting Back To Blogging!!

I am up set with myself for not keeping up with this blog!
I have been bogged down with family things and my new interests have been taking a back seat which I really need to address, since I was soooo loving the new me who was excited again about something.....
To catch up it has been well over 5 months now of going vegetarian and I feel GREAT! I have no interest at all to eat meat!! To be honest when my husband cooks it, I kinda get sick from the smell of it.
We have been enjoying a number of the Boca & Morning Star Farms products. They fill the void of needing a "meat" on the plate and they taste fantastic. The cost is getting kinda high on their products which is getting to be a problem for me in my budgeting for groceries each week. Have you seen the prices of food lately? They are skyrocketing, each week I am seeing a price increase on a large number of the items I buy : ( It's hard to keep a pricebook of where to buy at the lowest price since the stores change the prices so often.
Need to stay on top of it since we spend a huge chunk of the little bit of money we get each week on it.
Until Next time....