Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Couple Of Change I'm Really Proud Of.....

I am pretty proud to admit I have really addressed my paper towel addiction! I used to be a mega user of paper towels, I would go thru one of those huge 12 roll packages that cost like $15.00 a week! But I am happy to say I now down to a 2 roll package and I am making it till the end of the week : ) I have placed dishtowels out by the sink for drying my hands which has helped save. My biggest user problem was picking up after my dogs/cats messes, I would use a ton of paper towels for these messes, but now I use newspaper. We receive each week a penny saver paper which is free and given out to all the homes, I used to recycle them but decided to try using them for the animal messes and it worked out great. Now I know I'm not really helping things by just switching from paper towels to newspaper but I have to say I cut the newspaper in half and use only one sheet and that goes along way so for sure I am saving some trees there.

My daughter and I have been meat free for months now and I am LOVING it! I am so happy to know I am not reponsible for killing an animal ever time I eat something! I feel sooooo much better inside too, I no longer have that heavy feeling you get from having that hard to digest meat sitting inside my gut. During the summer we were buying fruits/veg. from a local farm stand but they closed down for the fall/winter months which has been such a disappointment. I am now finding I am going more for the sweets again instead of a fruit.

Still need to do alot more, but I'm a work in progress : )

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